D1M1: Web/SEO

Web & SEO

Web is a space with a plethora of pages that include detailed service, product, and contact information for a brand or organization. SEO is the placement of an organization's website through a search engine in order to increase visibility and drive traffic to a given digital destination.
D1M2: DigitalMarketingMediaBuys

Digital Marketing & Media Buys

Marketing of products and services through digital platforms and items, such as the internet, mobile phones, computers, video, audio, etc.
D1M3: ContentInfluencerMarketing

Content & Influencer Marketing

Utilizing your personal brand, if popular, to drive sales and increase volume for a specific product. Content is what is created to showcase or influence a following for a product.
D1M4: AgencyMarketing

Agency Marketing

Agency marketing is a plethora of general marketing strategies used by agencies to bring awareness to different brands and services and products of each brand.
D2M5: Financial&Business

Financial & Business Management

Planning, organizing, directing and controlling the utilization of funds and the structure of the organization.
D2M6: MediaRelations

Media Relations

When an organization works with media to positively and credibly inform the public of its mission, policies, and practices.
D2M7: Philanthropy


Organizations that focus on promoting the welfare of others without the purpose of financial gain, also known as nonprofits or charities.
D2M8: VegasMarketing

Vegas Marketing

Marketing based around Las Vegas, where 42+ million tourists visit each year.